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Hey there guys, today let’s get a little digital for all the millennials! As a kid, I collected Pokemon cards because I fell in love with the whole concept of having creatures to raise and evolve. I wanted my favorite characters point-blank. To be honest, I had no idea that these cards everyone was collecting were actually part of a trading card game! Yes you were meant to actually do something with them instead of just sticking them in a binder to show off, who knew?!

A lot of people are content just collecting cards but the game is alive and strong for over 20 plus years now. You battle, evolve your Pokemon, use energy and trainer cards, and if you’re lucky, grow your collection by winning a tournament prize at a local card shop. Like all things nowadays, technology has had an impact on this game. What is the Pokemon Trading Card Game online? As the name states, it’s an online version to the trading card game. Let’s go over a few of its features and see if you should be playing this or not.

Online TCG Basics

Pokemon TCG online is free to download and play! Do note that at the moment it is not compatible with smart phones, but don’t worry if you don’t own a computer you can still play. It’s compatible with Windows and Mac, and can be downloaded on your tablet as well. For the best experience, log in to the game with your free Pokémon Trainer Club account from By doing this you save your progress across all your devices so you can pick up where you left off!

Collect & Trade Like IRL

A cool aspect of the game is the fact that you can build your collection in a variety of different ways! There are daily challenges you can accomplish to earn booster packs in the game as well as earn tokens which can be used to boost your collection. There are computer players in-game that when defeated also give you access to digital card packs.








You probably noticed when you buy a booster pack of cards in real life most of them come with a black card with a code to be redeemed online, right? Those cards enhance your digital collection as well, pretty cool huh?







Another key element is trading. You can trade Pokemon cards with friends or search for public trade offers in order to get the card you’ve been missing!

Battle & Compete

What’s a Pokemon game without a battle??? You can battle friends online using the deck you have created as well as challenge people from all over the world. There is an “Event Mode” where you can earn and unlock cool rewards.







Some of the coolest things are the online tournaments. Instead of having to travel to God knows where, you can take part of tournaments from the comfort of your home as you make your way to the top and collect awesome prizes!

Should I Play?

If you love Pokemon but have no idea how to play the TCG, the online version is a great way to learn. It is different from your typical Pokemon game, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If you’re not too sure if this is your cup of tea or not, there is a “Guest Mode” where you can have a feel for the actual game play itself before investing too much time.

Bottom line, if you have some free time and are tired of replaying old games you already know like the back of your hand, or you have no money right now and want a new game to play, this is a great choice!

If you have any feedback or pulled an awesome card online, drop a comment below! As always, happy hunting!

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