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Hey there Poke trainers! Usually when people think about video games they think about a teenager, locked in his bedroom for hours on end, no exercise, not much social interaction, total solitude. When Pokemon Go was released it took the world by storm. Drones of people were actually going outside to play Pokemon, they were interacting with each other, they were social.

The concept of the game is super awesome! You go to a park to find bug and grass types, you go to a beach and there are tons of water types, find yourself in the city and Pidgeys ruin your life 😂. An interactive Pokemon game that changes based on your location! Today I’ll be sharing a few Pokemon Go hints and tricks to help you be the very best!


Gaining More Exp.

As in all Pokemon games, experience is super important in Pokemon Go. The xp you gain here though is for you as a trainer, not for your actual Pokemon. Instead of having to battle other trainers to strengthen your team, you gain xp by catching more Pokemon, adding pages to your Pokedex, and evolving. Here are some tips to maximizing the xp you earn in the game so you can level up faster!

Catching Pokemon

Capturing Pokemon is key to gaining experience and leveling up. The amount you earn for a catch depends on whether its a new entry for the Pokedex, or if you already caught it previously.

. New Pokedex entry 500 xp

. Registered Pokemon 100 xp



Another way to earn xp from your catches is your technique. There is a ring around the Pokemon you encounter that closes in on itself every few seconds before reappearing again. The smaller the center of the ring you throw your Pokeball, the more xp you earn, and the higher the chances you capture the Pokemon. You can also gain extra xp for style by spinning your Pokeball and completing a curved throw!

. Excellent throw 100 xp

. Great throw 50 xp

. Nice throw 10 xp

. Curveball 10 xp


Evolving Pokemon

In Pokemon Go you don’t evolve your Pokemon by gaining levels but rather by collecting candy (we’ll discuss this in the next section). You can gain xp points from evolving your Pokemon whether they are registered or not to your Pokedex.

. Evolve Pokemon 500 xp

. Newly Registered Pokemon through evolution 500 xp


Double or Nothing!


Now that you know the amount of xp you can earn through capturing and evolving, lets double it! If you use the lucky egg item, for the next 30 minutes all your xp earned will double. This can be key, if you use that time properly!

I recommend capturing as many Pokemon possible, and waiting until you have 30 ready to evolve. Use the lucky egg and begin evolving!

If the 30 evolutions are already registered, you earn 500 xp for each Pokemon.

500 xp X 30 Pokemon = 15,000 xp (With Lucky Egg- 30,000 xp)!

If the 30 Pokemon evolutions are not registered, you earn 500 xp for evolving, and an additional 500 xp for a new Pokedex entry.

1000 xp X 30 Pokemon = 30,000 xp (With Lucky Egg- 60,000 xp)!

Collecting Poke Candy

Every Pokemon family has its own kind of candy that you obtain by capturing, or hatching them from an egg. In order to evolve your Pokemon, it will require a certain amount of Poke candy from the appropriate species. When you capture a Pokemon you will receive 3 Poke candy of its kind.

If you transfer a Pokemon to the professor, you will receive one Poke candy from its kind. Hatching a Pokemon from an egg will give you a random amount of Poke candy for that specific Pokemon. I’ve received between 5 & 75 from a single hatch!


If you want more of a specific kind of Poke candy, use a pinap berry before you throw a Pokeball. When you use one of these berries, it doubles the candy you receive from that catch! Make sure you use a pinap berry every time you encounter a Pokemon that you’re trying to evolve, this will cut in half the amount of catches you will need to make.

Getting Stronger Pokemon

If you want really strong Pokemon, you will have to reach level 30. The Pokemon you encounter in the wild have a level cap equal to your trainer level. That means that more than likely, all your catches from when you first start will be too weak, and take too much stardust to train up. If you are under level 30, catch as many Pokemon as you can to gain levels. You can also get a good amount of experience through raids and daily tasks.

One thing you can do as a lower level trainer is “selective evolution’. When trying to add pages to your Pokedex, it can be tempting to evolve the first Pokemon you catch, as soon as you have enough candy. If you want powerful Pokemon, you might want to hold off until you catch a Pokemon of that kind with a higher CP, and that when appraised has 3 stars. By using this strategy you make sure those hard-earned candies are giving you the best bang for your buck!

Hatching Eggs Faster

Do you hate traffic? If you ever get stuck in bumper to bumper traffic open up your Pokemon Go app! Of course keep your eyes on the road, but by having it open in speeds under 20mph in your car, the distance you are moving is counting towards hatching your eggs.

If you want those eggs hatching fast but don’t want to kill your phone battery, make sure you turn on adventure sync! Adventure sync links up to your step tracking app on your phone. This ensures that even when Pokemon Go is closed, all your steps are still counting towards hatching your eggs.

Eyes Peeled 👀

Pokemon Go is constantly having events and community days. When these events happen, there are always boosted benefits like extra xp, candy, extended lucky egg time, faster egg hatches, and even rare Pokemon encounters. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming events that can benefit you and your Pokedex.

With new Pokemon being released constantly in Go, its an experience that is constantly renewing itself. I hope you have tons of fun and form calves of steel! As always happy hunting!


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